Native South African and PGA Class A Professional with over 12,000 hours of teaching experience. He has an extensive background in Sport Science and human motor skills, which allows him to bring a unique combination of teaching and playing skills to his coaching platform.

In 2011, Christoff was named as one of the top college players with honorary colors at the University of Pretoria, representing South Africa in the World University Championship.

After college, Christoff found his true passion in teaching and coaching, mentoring with world renown instructors in South Africa, The United Kingdom, and The United States. Christoff has worked with a former DP World Tour winner and currently works with various Tour Professionals.

He enjoys working with all skill levels and golfers who are passionate about the game and have an open mind to change. No golfer is the same and Christoff is excited to help create long lasting improvement to each student’s game. It is so important for his students to know exactly ‘what’ they are working on and ‘why’. As soon as they understand that, the ‘how’ gets easier.


I start with establishing what pattern a golfer can produce naturally and consistently in their golf swing, that can be anything from trail arm function, pivot, release patterns or wrist conditions. I then establish the correct match-ups in order to compliment that movement (if that movement is dynamic and functional) by creating the proper take-away, pivot, wrist conditions, lateral or vertical forces as well as release patterns. Too often, amateurs look for tips that do not always match up to their movement patters, this will lead to inconsistency and lack of club face awareness through the impact zone. There is a reason why the top players in the world swing it very different to one another and that is exactly what I specialise in. Most amateurs are 1-2 proper match-ups away from consistently performing a lot better.


  • Full Swing Analysis
  • Short Game Instruction
  • Course Management
  • Tournament Preparation
  • Junior Golf Development


  • Indoor Member: $150/hour
  • Indoor Non-member: $175/hour
  • Outdoor: Email Christoff


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